How to increase storage stability of coatings & inks?

Storage stability is a vital performance of coatings and inks. Theoretically speaking, every element selected and used in formulation would possibly influence storage stability.

Whereas the under mentioned 3 factors are the top 3 aspects influencing storage stability:

1. Resin – Resin is the most important ingredient in coatings and it is the final film-forming substance of coatings. Dosage and wetting ability of resin in coatings will be able to determine storage stability of coatings.

2. Dispersant – A key additive to determine storage stability is the selected dispersant. Dispersant should have the ability to get rid of free energy of newly formed surfaces of pigment particles and block re-aggregation of pigment particles so as to provide coatings and inks with viscosity stability, reduce settling of pigments and thixotropy of coatings, and further to obtain excellent storage stability.

3. Deformer – In water-based coating system, air entrapment will lead up to decrease of grinding efficiency and stability of mill base, and create tendency to thixotropy when keeping mill base in storage. To select an extremely efficient defoamer will be capable to help air-release and raise grinding efficiency.