How to prevent coatings from floating & flooding when matching colored-tinters and white-tinters?

When color-tinters are let down with white-tinters, floating or flooding is the key factor whether color matching will be successful or not. Problem of floating & flooding is related to 3 factors -- difference of dispersing stability, difference of viscosity and difference of resin between two tinters. Among them, the most pivotal factor is the difference of dispersing stability between two tinters. For example: When let down Black and White tinter to achieve grey color, if the Black disperses better than White, then Black will be easy floated. On the other hand, if the White disperses better than Black, then White will be easy floated.
The measure helps mixing color escape form occurrence of floating & flooding:
★★★★★Select same dispersant with capability to prevent floating & flooding for all single color mill base.
★★ Select same grinding resin for all single color mill base if the mill base contains resin.
Make viscosity of all single color concentrate as similar as possible.
TiloSperse 5470 & TiloSperse 5532 we produced has excellent ability to prevent floating & flooding, being suitable for production of solvent-based color concentrates.
TiloSperse 6190 we produced has excellent capability to prevent floating & flooding, being suitable for production of resin-free or resin-containing water based color concentrates.