How to improve performance of high surface area carbon black in coatings?

High surface area carbon black, such as FW-200 etc., can usually achieve very tiny particle size. Therefore, its free energy on surface is very high when it is in grinding. In this case, only taking Polymeric Hyperdispersant can accomplish ideal dispersing effect. For example, taking TiloSperse 5470 in solvent-based mill base and TiloSperse 6190 in water-based mill base can accomplish the best tinctorial strength, gloss, hiding power and lower system viscosity.
A very important point to be noted is that grinding carbon black needs longer time than grinding other inorganic and organic pigments so as to get more perfect mill base.
If synergist is presented together with hyperdispersants, for instance TiloSperse 5470 + TiloSperse 5007, hiding power and gloss of mill base will be able to increase further and viscosity will keep reducing. Because synergists like TiloSperse 5007 etc. are able to participate in co-crystallizing of carbon black when grinding, it will create higher polar surface of carbon black, which is easy for Hyperdispersants to absorb its surface firmly.